Sunday, 13 November 2011

Maltby Street

There’s no two ways about it. Saturday is a holiday. And what better way to start a holiday, than a £2 custard doughnut at St. John’s under the arches on Druid Street. Technically then, this post should be titled Druid Street. However, I always consider St. John's to be part of the Maltby Street revolution. Since I discovered the doughnuts at St. John’s about a year ago, I have desisted from having a doughnut anywhere else. So I tell myself it’s actually healthy to have a doughnut at St. John’s when it prevents me having one elsewhere. It’s not just that they taste great, brim full of creamy custard in divine dough. It’s just that they are that much better than any other doughnut. This is not an over exaggeration, they just are. They also offer a jam doughnut, but I just can't drag myself away from the creamy custard texture. Unfortunately, I have yet to master eating the doughnut, it’s probably more apt to describe its consumption as an inhalation of happiness outside Monmouth on Malty St. Indeed, it's a lovely way to commence the morning. 

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